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Faster downloads and updates

By January 22, 2016Uncategorized

The OSMC project is growing each month. An increasing userbase means we’ve more people downloading images and updating their existing installations each month.

We want to continue to provide a fast, reliable update experience and we want to continue to deliver monthly updates. Since October we have seen that our existing method of content delivery was oversubscribed and was not sustainable. We employed some stop-gap measures in the interim and that sufficed.

Pictured above: Traffic for a European OSMC Mirror. Guess when the December update was released on the graph?

We’ve now moved to a new mirror direction system which supports redirection based on autonomous system (ASN) and probabilistic weight (capacity). In short: this means no one mirror becomes overloaded, and users get a regional mirror for their download or update that’s best suited for them.

This should greatly benefit some users, especially those in Asia and North America who have mentioned slow update and download speeds in the past. We would like to thank all of our mirrors for supporting the OSMC project and encourage anyone who wishes to mirror OSMC to get in touch!

Next month, we’ll employ alternative archive compression on our update server which will also bring you quicker update times. Download speed, which we’ve improved today is only one factor which can impact the time taken for updates to reach you.

Things should run smoothly, but do let us know if you experience any issues.