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OSMC on Apple TV. Better than ever.

By January 18, 2016Uncategorized

After initially announcing support for the Apple TV, we’re now happy to announce that hard disk installations for the Apple TV are now possible. The delays for this were due to dealing with some intricacies with Apple’s journaled HFS+ filesystem under Linux. Finally — after several months of near constant development, we have the original Apple TV support in the state that it should be.

But it doesn’t stop there. We also have some exciting news for the old relic:

  • OSMC is going to be supported on Apple TV until at least 2017.
  • We’ve already completed our preparation for Kodi Jarvis, and test builds with full Crystal HD acceleration are already available. We’ll be updating these builds throughout the Jarvis release cycle. RC1 is due from Team Kodi shortly and as soon as it is we will make it available for testing.
  • We’ve also got some performance improvements we’re experimenting with that should make OSMC on the Apple TV an even better experience. We’ll get these to you for the Jarvis release.

You can grab the latest version of OSMC (OSMC’s December update) for Apple TV right from the OSMC download page!

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