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OSMC’s January update is here

By February 4, 2018Uncategorized

OSMC’s January update is ready with a wide range of improvements and fixes to keep your OSMC device running in tip-top shape. Here’s what’s new:

Bug fixes

  • Fix an issue which would prevent some services which use DRM (i.e. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video) from working correctly in Raspberry Pi and Vero 4K Kodi v18 (Leia) test builds
  • Fix an issue where CEC could keep resetting the TV language on Kodi
  • Fix an issue with choppy Live TV playback on Vero 4K when the PVR backend did not pass a framerate
  • Fix an issue which caused audio delays to GUI sounds on Vero 4K
  • Fix an issue which could cause audio buzzing sounds on Vero 4K when switching between passthrough and PCM
  • Fix an issue which broke functionality for some RF remote controls in the December update
  • Fix an issue which could prevent playback of files via SMBv2 on Vero 4K
  • Fix an issue where kernels would not be autoremoved when no longer needed after updating to Debian Stretch
  • Fix an issue which could prevent DVDs from being played back by Kodi when using an attached DVD drive
  • Fix an issue which could cause picture breakup when watching Live TV on Raspberry Pi when the PVR backend was hosted on the same Raspberry Pi

Improving the user experience

  • Add support for Xiaomi BT Remote
  • Improved performance when viewing Videos via Kodi’s picture mode on Vero 4K
  • Improved channel switching time when watching UDP Live TV streams on Vero 4K
  • Add an option to Kodi to Force RGB output to Kodi on Vero 4K to make it easier for legacy Philips TV users to fix green screen issues
  • Add an option to Kodi to lock HPD to fix issues caused by slow EDID handshakes on Vero 4K
  • Add an option to Kodi to mute HDMI audio for those using SPDIF audio on Vero 4K
  • Add support for specifying a custom set of display modes to override EDID on Vero 4K
  • Add support for matching the source resolution on Vero 4K
  • Enable access to mounted drives via Kodi clients (such as Yatse) by default
  • Improved performance for SMB shares mounted via fstab on Vero 4K
  • Improved performance for NFS shares mounted via fstab on Vero 4K
  • Reduced Vero 4K power consumption at idle
  • Remove unnecessary warning from kernel package when updating OSMC via dist-upgrade
  • On-board WiFi improvements for Raspberry Pi


  • Added userspace HID support
  • Add Debian version to OSMC logs to ensure Debian base OS version is correct
  • Include rc.local by default after it’s removal from Debian to make it easier for users to run commands on startup
  • Prevent accidental shutdown of Vero 4K by remote
  • Updated Raspberry Pi firmware and userland

Wrap up

To get the latest and greatest version of OSMC, simply head to My OSMC -> Updater and check for updates manually on your exising OSMC set up. Of course — if you have updates scheduled automatically you should receive an update notification shortly.

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