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OSMC Release Candidate 2 is here

By April 12, 2015Uncategorized

Hi everyone,

We’re taking things slowly here at OSMC and making sure we get things absolutely right instead of rushing our stable release. Today we’re happy to announce Release Candidate Two, which brings some much needed stability fixes and the new Kodi 14.2 release.

Here’s what we’ve made better:

Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug preventing the installation of OSMC on Raspberry Pi models with 256MB RAM
  • Fix some issues resulting in freezes when using certain WiFi dongles
  • Fix some issues with NFS installations of OSMC
  • Fix a bug preventing hard disks from spinning down properly when not in use
  • Fix a bug which prevented CEC from working properly on Vero
  • Ensure that only interlaced content is deinterlaced on Vero
  • Fix a bug causing remote abnormalities when connected to WiFi on Vero
  • Fix an issue where powering off the TV and powering it back on resulted in an incorrect resolution on Vero
  • Fix a bug causing some content to play with a grey bar on Vero
  • Fix a bug causing updates to have grey stripes on Vero when installing updates

Improving the user experience

  • Allow Ethernet and WiFi to be active at the same time for improved network coverage
  • Add additional CEC options to offer greater flexibility with repeat presses
  • Add support for more wireless dongles
  • Improve Bluetooth support to allow simpler and more reliable pairing
  • Add a ‘Remotes’ section to My OSMC to allow easy remote configuration
  • Enable support for subtitles over UPNP
  • Allow OSMC to wait for the network to start before launching Kodi — this is useful for MySQL database setups
  • Improve GUI performance on Vero
  • Improve WiFi throughput and reduce likelihood of dropouts on Vero
  • Allow resolution to be changed on Vero as well as adjusting the refresh rate to match the video
  • Improve the visual quality of the GUI on Vero
  • Make Vero images available via the installers on the OSMC download page
  • Reduce the Vero boot time


  • Optimise ffmpeg to improve playback performance
  • Update Kodi to 14.2 Helix

Wrap up

The RC2 build is available in the Windows, OS X and Linux installers now so get testing! As our update system has now matured, you can also upgrade directly to this build from Release Candidate 1. To do this, go to My OSMC -> Updates and trigger a manual update or wait until you receive an update notification.