Well this is embarrassing

Vero 4K + is out of stock, and we've been struggling to keep up with demand. We should be back in stock soon.
We are continuing to work hard on producing new units. To register your interest, simply sign up to our Newsletter by entering your details in the box below.

We also have a list of official resellers below, should you wish to get your hands on the item sooner.

Sincerest apologies

United Kingdom (Combined Precision Components)

Combined Precision Components, a division of Element14 are proud to stock Vero 4K and offer free delivery in the UK.

Order from CPC Element14

United States of America (PiShop USA)

PiShop are based in the US and are a reseller of many OSMC products, including the renowned Vero 4K +.

Order from PiShop

USA (Chicago Electronics Distributors)

Chicago Electronics Distributors are a US based distributor offering delivery throughout the USA and Canada.

Order from Chicago Electronics

Czech Republic (RPIShop)

RpiShop is a Raspberry Pi reseller serving customers in the Czech Republic and Europe

Order from RpiShop